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December Events

Brilliant Event

29th @ 7pm UTC - 3rd December @7pm UTC
Constance's Lament Part 2

Constance pleads her case before Harry and Hermione. Meanwhile, the surge themed around Ron's sixth year at Hogwarts restores even more of his adult memories. 


Spotlight Event

2rd @ 7pm - 6th December @7pm UTC
Big and Little Beasties

Find an increase of Foundables related to Rubeus Hagrid and Baby Beasts.


Lethal Adversary Launch

From the 8th December
Bellatrix - No Tasks

Lethal Bellatrix Lestrange Adversaries are here to give you a lesson on the Unforgivable curses. Fend off these fiends now!


1920's Convergence

Unlock special Portmanteaus and collect fragments for the 1920's page


Horcrux Hunt Part 1

Possibly Cancelled

Hunt the horcruxes for a new page.
Overlaps the 1920's Event


Lethal Adversary Launch

From the 10th
Voldemort - No Tasks

This one has 5 battles in the Chain.


Brilliant Event

21st @ 7pm - 26th December @7pm UTC
The Battle For Secrecy Part 1
Harry and Hermione try and restore the last of Ron's memories, all while trying to talk Constance out of revealing magic to Muggles. Can they convince her that the wizarding and Muggle worlds are best left separate?


Holiday Event

Christmas Event

Details Coming Soon.


Brilliant Event

26th @ 7pm - 31st December @7pm UTC
The Battle For Secrecy Part 2
The long awaited Grim Fawley shows up as if on cue. Will he be willing and able to end the Calamity and reunite with his beloved wife? Or will outside forces get in the way?