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October Events

Things to note:

Community Day is two days mid-week

Burning Day Brilliant Event is only 4 full days

Spotlight Event

30th Sep @ 6pm - 2nd Oct 6pm UTC
Severe Foundable Event

Boosted spawns of Grawp, Weasley Flying Car, Veil, Tank of Brains, Proprietor Weasleys, Philosophers Stone and Pensieve.


Spotlight Event

2nd @ 6pm - 4th @ 6pm UTC
Dark Arts Family

Featuring Vanishing Cabinet, Swooping Evil, Percival Graves, Vampire, Death Eater, Paintings of Bellatrix, Voldemort and Slytherin.


Brilliant Event

4th @6pm - 11th @ 6pm UTC
Into The Fire Part 2

Based on Gareth's theory that only Grim can stop the Calamity, the team shifts their focus to locating him. But does the missing wizard even want to be found?


Community Day's

13th - 14th Full days local time
Chess Chamber


1920's Convergence

15th @ 6pm - 18th @ 6pm UTC
Unlock special Portmanteaus and collect Fragments for the new 1920s Registry Page.


Brilliant Event

18th @ 6pm - 25th @ 6pm UTC
Burning Day

Harry prioritises rescuing Penelope while Hermione searches for information that could expose the identity of The Unforgivable's leader. Return Foundables themed around Ron's fifth year at Hogwarts.


Spotlight Event

25th @ 6pm - 28th @ 6pm UTC
Severe & Dark Arts

Have your wands and potions at the ready as your encounter Foundables such as the Swooping Evil, Portrait of Voldemort, Percival Graves, Tom Riddle and Pensieve. All players will also see a boost to Baruffio's Brain Elixir during this event as well.


Special Event

29th @ 6pm - 1st November @ 6pm UTC
Horcrux Halloween

The Calamity descents into darkness, manifesting memories of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Relive the hunt to find and destroy them.


Lethal Adversary Event

Unknown Time and Date
Barty Crouch JR

The first ever lethal adversary event.