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September Events

Adversaries Event 1

3rd @ 6pm - 6th @ 6pm UTC
Ancient Ukrainian Ironbelly

A surge of Ancient Ukrainian Ironbelly Adversaries prompts Harry to urge Gareth Greengrass to reconsider his use of Adversaries.


Brilliant Event

6th @ 6pm - 13th @ 6pm UTC
Prisoner of the Vow Part 2

Gareth has offered to share what he knows about The Unforgivable and the Calamity if Harry agrees to his terms. Will he take this potentially deadly deal?


1920's Convergence

14th @ 6pm - 16th @ 6pm UTC
Unlock special Portmanteaus and collect Fragments for the new 1920s Registry Page.


Community Day

18th all day local time
New York City Page

Encounter Magizoology traces from the New York City Street Registry Page.


Brilliant Event

20th @6pm - 27th @ 6pm UTC
Into The Fire Part 1

Return Foundables themed around Ron's fourth year at Hogwarts and explore The Unforgivable's secrets.


Special Event

27th @6pm - 30th @ 6pm UTC
Ancient Hungarian Horntail and Dragon Oddities Event

Practise your Extinguishing Spells! A surge of Ancient Hungarian Horntail Adversaries and Dragon Oddities are set to appear.