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Calamity Calendar Confusion

  We thought we had done it, defeated The Calamity.  But then chaos!


  The Ministry are starting to look like fools, lagging behind, The Unforgivable are one step ahead

Adversary Adventures

  Millicent Bagnold could hold the key to the latest lead in the investigation.  How will the Ministry mess this up?

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June Events

Things to note:
Brilliant Events now run Monday to Monday.
Both Adversary Events are now three days as they can now fit in before Community Day.

Brilliant Event

31st May @ 6pm - 7th June @ 6pm UTC
Unforgivable Truth Brilliant Event Part 1

Harry and Hermione work together to create a surge based around the events of their first year at Hogwarts. Help return Brilliant Foundables from Brilliant Hogwarts Corridor including Mountain Troll and Dragon Egg.


Adversaries Event 1

7th @ 6pm - 10th @ 6pm UTC
More Feared Adversaries

The Unforgivable have unleashed a wave of Dark witch and wizard Adversaries on the world.


Community Day

12th all day local time
Care of Magical Creatures

Help rescue lost creatures and return them to the Care of Magical Creatures family page.


Adversaries Event 2

14th @ 6pm - 17th @ 6pm UTC
More Feared Adversaries

Prepare to face higher stakes as you come face to face against the Ancient Norweigan Ridgeback!


Special Event

19th - 20th full days local time
Second Year Anniversary Event 

Celebrate Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's second anniversary with a special event and a look back at the story thus far.

Brilliant Event

21st @ 6pm - 28th @ 6pm UTC
Unforgivable Truth Brilliant Event Part 2

Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Hogwarts Trapdoor Chamber, including Philosopher’s Stone and Three-Headed Dog.