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Causes of the Calamity

Grim Fawley is widely believed to have caused The Calamity we are all facing.  Grim has been awarded the title of “Causer of Chaos 2019”. This award was previously held only by Lord Voldemort and Gellert Grindelwald.

  Grim was born in England in 1985. He was raised by his parents Marshall and Lucretia both of whom died in the Second Wizarding War, when Grim was a child.  Grim was then moved to various orphanages but despite this he did well in school.


  While attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he was sorted into Hufflepuff. It soon became apparent that he was a very gifted student, attaining five Outstandings and one Exceeded Expectations on his N.E.W.T.s.

  Grim originally started work at the ministry as a research assistant in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Grim was later promoted to an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries after encouragement from Penelope, who he met through work. This caused quite the scandal as Penelope was several years older than Grim. They later married in 2006.

 Grim approached Harry Potter himself, as Grim’s own superior Gareth Greengrass, who previously promised to spare no expense, refused to reopen the investigation. 


 It is alleged Harry did continue investigations off the books. Harry denies that this happened, stating that he “wasn’t prepared to break Ministry protocol”.

  Harry goes on to talk about Grim. “He was quiet, but had a wicked sense of humour. But when she (Penelope) went missing he changed. I think a piece of him broke.

 Gareth Greengrass says “I saw Penelope as something of a daughter. She was smart, ambitious, stubborn. Delightful.  Her disappearance nearly destroyed me with grief, but it had been years”.

 What happens next is rather patchy.  We have learned that Grim was not allowed to see what assignment Penelope was on when she went missing. Harry Potter states that “The files had been sealed by decree and kept from everyone”.  It is currently unknown where the decree came from.

  Due to issues at work because of his grief, Gareth Greengrass  was receiving complaints about Grim, he then put in a recommendation for a leave of absence. This, according to Gareth Greengrass, gave Grim more time to obsess over the disappearance rather than heal over his loss.

  The current location of Grim is unknown.  Our next article will be about Penelope Fawley and the wand she left behind, is she as innocent as we are led to believe?
  We’ll then move onto the cause of the calamity itself.

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 Gareth Greengrass, Senior Unspeakable, says “Grim Fawley has more magical talent in his little finger than most of us do in our whole bodies”.

 Sage Bragnam, Head Curator of the Department of Magical Artefacts says “Grim's experience with runes and languages was unmatched”. Sage Bragnam praised his ability to transcribe a particular ancient tome that had never before been translated.

  Grim and Penelope had two children, Addison and Melody who are now without both their mother and father, their whereabouts are currently unknown.

 We have learned of a heroic act by Grim in the Brain Room of the Department of Mysteries, whereby he rescued the watchwizard, Eric Munch. It is unknown why Eric was in the Brain Room.

 Some time after Penelope and the rest of the London 5 went missing. Years later the case was abandoned by the ministry citing that the cost of the investigation was too high.


Telling Time with Trelawney


These are dark times but The Calamity pauses for no one.

  I see a second wave of Circus Calamitous on the horizon.

  The Cristal Ball has show me 15 Nagini and a Kappa's in the wild. A poster for a Oni in Portkeys.  From tasks I see Firedrakes, Clowns from tasks. Also a Candy Floss Stand has moved from Fortresses and can now be found in Bonus Tasks.

  Vendors in Diagon Alley are providing a pack containing:  1 Tonic for Trace Detection.  1 Dark Detector and 25 Spell Energy.

  The ministry has issued four sets of tasks to taskforce members to combat this wave.

  Set 1. Collect Ingredients or Portmanteaus from the Map 1 Time. Return 3 Brilliant Kappa Foundables. Use 1 Master Notes.

  Set 2. Use 1 Tonic for Trace Detection. Brew 3 of Any Exstimulo Potions.  Dine at Inns 3 times.

 Set 3. Use 4 of Any Exstimulo Potions.   Return 5 Brilliant Nagini Foundables.  Earn 750 Wizarding XP.

  Set 4. Use 2 Tonic for Trace Detection. Return 5 High Threat Traces.  Collect Spell Energy from the Map 3 Times.

 Bonus Set. Earn 2000 Wizarding XP. Use 4 Tonic Trace Detections.  Return 15 
High Threat Traces. Return 30 Brilliant Foundables. Cast Alohomora 30 Times.

  I see people sitting around with arms out of windows trying to track distance.  The ministry advises to use Adventure Sync on you Ministry ID so opening portkeys will work properly better.

  Please remain safe during these troubled times.  The ministry said they accept no responsibility for loss of limb while on duty.

  I will now ascend from the world of the mundane and lock the door behind me.