Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge



Constance, have any SOS Task Force volunteers reported an encounter with a new Adversary?


Unfortunately, yes. I was actually just about to tell you that we've confirmed the creation of a second Lethal Adversary, one resembling disgraced Ministry official Dolores Umbridge.


I thought so. I had some truly vile nightmares about her last night. Ginny kept having to remind me that the real Umbridge is locked away in Azkaban, where she belongs.


I know Dolores Umbridge was extremely prejudiced and cruel. But, if I'm being honest, I'm having a hard time taking someone who looks like that seriously as an enemy.


Only because you've never had the displeasure of knowing the real Umbridge. That woman is one of the most dangerous, evil people I've ever met, and I've known all manner of Dark wizards and mass-murderers. We must approach these new Adversaries with extreme caution.



You were absolutely right, Harry. Dolores Umbridge's looks are deceiving. I barely managed to make it out of some of those Adversary battles. She's a truly Lethal threat.


I didn't think Umbridge could get more intolerable, but The Unforgivable have proven me wrong. I wish we knew why they're continuing and even ramping up these Adversary attacks.


If it was to ruin the colour pink for me, then mission accomplished.


Are they trying to sow fear? To demonstrate their power? Or are they hoping these new Lethal Adversaries will take us out once and for all?