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House Cup Calamity

Will it ever end?  Another surge in the Calamity has given us more information into the workings of the phenomenon plaguing Wizard Kind.

 Professor McGonagall, Head Teacher of Hogwarts school approached the SOS task force when the Calamity focused its attention on the school.

 The final matches of the Inter-House Quidditch Cup are approaching and it appears the Calamity is responding to the students’ thoughts towards it.

 The Inter-House Quidditch Cup was taken by the Calamity.


 During an interview Professor McGonagall emphasised the importance of this artefact.  “The Inter-House Quidditch Cup  is an important symbol of Hogwarts’ history and tradition.  Not only the cup but also the Plaque.  It is almost like the Calamity is trying to break us down.”

One of the more disturbing Foundables from this surge was that of the Hogwarts Ghost, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.

  Known as Nearly Headless Nick by the students, although he prefers Sir Nicholas, he has been startling Wizards, Witches and Muggles over the past month as a Foundable.

  The Ministry has been keen to hastily obliviate any muggles who have seen him,  as Constance Pickering explains. “Muggles know far too much about ghosts as it is. It’s a fine line between accepting ghosts as a reality and accepting magic”.

  Many called for the final Quidditch matches to be cancelled, but Professor McGonagall refused, stating: “Disappointed students would certainly draw the Calamity’s attention”.  It is still unclear as to how the students could have been harmed by the Calamity - the Ministry of Magic is silent on the matter.

  Luna Scamander, formerly Lovegood, was also a Foundable of her younger self.  Here are her thoughts on the matter.  “It was strange to be a Foundable. I spent a rather pleasant afternoon talking to myself, at least someone understands me.  It was like having a sister”.

The SOS Task-force have once again been successful in keeping the Statute of Secrecy intact and this surge is finally over.  However this has been the most difficult one yet.  Mark Zealman from the SOS Taskforce in the  UK explains. “The set of tasks we had from the Ministry has never let us down so far.  Although this time it seemed the Calamity was able to predict what we were going to do.

  As soon as we concentrated on a specific Foundable as described in the tasks they would suddenly be hard to find, it’s almost like it had read the script”.

  Stay tuned and keep paying your post owl for the latest news from The Taskforce Times.


Ministry Update Mayhem

A new update to the Registry went awry when things didn’t go as expected.

  The Registry is used by Task-force members to keep track of the Foundables they have collected and to then be awarded bronze, silver or gold depending on how well they have done, this is called prestiging.

  This new update is designed to address issues where the number of rare Foundables required is too high compared to the more common ones.  When the update was deployed, many Task-force members were able to prestige their pages, as they now met or exceeded the requirements.  Any spare fragments were to carry over to the next page.

  Typically the Protean Charm that is placed on each member's Ministry ID allows the Ministry to make changes and push down updates.  This time however it was activated too late and a number of Task-force members lost any fragments they had over.  As a result, the Ministry apologised and a gift was given to all members as compensation.

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The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes has been hard at work on a new version of the Prior Incantato spell.  Normally used to view the past magic of a wand, the Ministry is using a modified version of the spell to view and restore the lost fragments to members' registries.  As of the time of publication, the new spell has just been rolled out with a mixed response.


The weekend is set to bring in a number of Quidditch Foundables.
 Much of the Wizarding World is set to see increased sightings of  The Chudley Cannons Player, Quidditch World Cup, Nimbus 2000, Quidditch Fan Hermione Granger and Quidditch Captain Harry Potter.

 The Ministry has issued a number of tasks in order to tackle the situation.

 Use 2 Tonic for Trace Detection for 5 Magical Games and Sports Level 1 Runestones.

 Earn 800 Magical Games and Sports Family XP for 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.

 Use 10 Magical Games and Sports Runestones for 6 Snowdrops.

 Return 10 Nimbus 2000 for 2 Unicorn Hairs.

 Return 10 Quidditch Fan Hermione Granger for 1 Powdered Dragon Claw.
  Return 5 Quidditch Captain Harry Potter for 1 Hermit Crab Shell.

 As a reward for completing all tasks, members will be rewarded 200 Magical Games and Sports Family XP, 3 Spell Books, 1 Potent Exstimulo Potion and 15 Spell Energy.

 A free gift is available from Diagon Alley containing 50 Spell Energy and 1 Level 1 Runestone.
  Good Luck!

Foundable Forecast