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Relentless Revelations

A year of silence has finally been broken.  The Ministry has finally revealed more information on the Calamity and it has left the Wizarding World in shock.

  Hermione Grangers hoped that the surges in the Calamity known as Brilliant Events would give clues into how we could one day tame it. She has now all but admitted defeat, as we pass our first anniversary of The Calamity.  In an exclusive interview she said. “I used to look at these surges as a chance for hints about the Calamity in the hope of someday taming it… Now? It just seems like the spell is mocking us”.

  We are now one year on from when Grim Fawley cast the spell that lead to the Calamity we deal with on a daily basis and our Ministry is no where closer to solving it.

  We interviewed Constance Pickering, Junior undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, challenging her to explain the Ministry's apparent lack of progress. “We have been very busy tackling the issues of the Calamity. Minister Shacklebolt himself invented the modified Dark Detectors that SOS Members use to lure Foundables in only a few hours. 

  Not only that but my boyfriend Lucas Sparrowvale spent six months travelling the globe placing the Flagged locations so task-force members could target particular Foundable fragments.”


  We then questioned Constance on the Portkey Portmanteaus and who invented them, we were astounded to find that they didn’t come from the Ministry but from the Calamity itself!  Constance explains “The Portkey Portmanteau's  are one of the things I have admired most about the Calamity, amazing attention to detail, to invent something mechanical like that.”

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  This raises many questions. As we have been learning over the past year the Calamity has some sort of consciousness behind it, responding to what people are thinking about.  We now know that someone involved in the Calamity invented the Portkey Portmanteaus, but to what end?  They appear to be helping the taskforce in their quest to end the Calamity. Why would the Calamity provide resources to end itself? 

  This next revelation will really blow your socks off.  In yet another exclusive interview with Ron Weasley, proprietor of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes and Harry Potter, Auror at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, we can reveal that they have both been having the same shared memory.  Both Ron and Harry recall Grim Fawley telling them that he has been held captive this past year.

  Grim Fawley is widely believed to have started the Calamity while attempting to rescue his  missing wife Penelope.  The suggesting the Grim is being held captive rather than trapped is yet more evidence to suggest a third party being involved.


  On a final note, over 750,000 potions have been consumed by Task Force member over the past year.  A spokesperson at St Mungo’s said they were concerned about possible addiction. “Wizards and Witches of the Task Force could become addicted to these potions.  The Exstiumlo potion that enhances ones spell power and the Invigoration Draught that gives the drinker focus, is of special concern”.  St Mungo’s advise Task Force members to use these sparingly and to send them an owl if you find yourself guzzling down Invigoration Draught with your dinner.