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Kit Gerrard in a Painted Pickle

Kit Gerrard, a reporter for the lesser paper The Daily Prophet has been found in a Hogwarts painting over the Christmas holidays.

Kit was one of the London 5 who mysteriously disappeared back in 2015. He and four ministry employees vanished with no trace. Despite a lengthy investigation headed by Harry Potter, the head of magical law enforcement, no progress was ever made and the investigation was eventually closed.

Grimm Fawley is believed to have been the one to set Kit free, or as free as you can be stuck in a canvas. We found that Grimm is able to communicate to Foundables via implanted memories back in June in issue 11.

Grimm had instructed several Hogwarts ghosts and paintings to patrol the Grand Staircase over the Christmas period and also managed to send a coded message via the Foundables themselves. This message was decoded by Minister for Magic Hermione Granger

Shortly after Kit was located relaxing with Merlin over a pint of mead.


Eager for information, the Ministry's internal Calamity Management Team questioned Kit while he was still in the painting. Unfortunately, it appears Kits memory has been wiped and he has no recollection of the past 5 years.

The Calamity Management Team were left rather disappointed and with the rather sticky situation of trying to get someone out of a painting. However this is not the first time this has happened.

In 1988 Beatrice Haywood was trapped in a painting because of a cursed vault. She was later freed by a team of rogue Hogwarts students using that same cursed vault. It’s currently unclear whether the same method can be used to free Kit Gerrard.

The Gerrard Family enjoyed a late Christmas together at Hogwarts where the other paintings worked with the Hogwarts House Elves to provide food for both the trapped Kit and his family.

We interviewed Hogwarts Head Teacher, Professor McGonagall about this strange turn of events and safeguarding breach. "This incident was known to the teachers and to myself as soon as it happened. Not only were the ghosts and portraits on patrol, but also a number of staff and a cat. I can assure you that no students were at risk at any time during this incident and, to be frank, it's not something one generally sees in the realms of normal magic". It was at this point we felt a little intimidated and headed to The Three Broomsticks for a stiff drink.


Printing Press Pilfered

Chaos struck The Taskforce Times back in June. The paper, voted 2020’s publication with the most fancy font, had it’s offices broken into and the printing press stolen.


The thieves managed to remove the protection charms and make off with a key piece of equipment without leaving any evidence. Editor Mark Zealman said. “That printing press cost many Galleons and with insurance claims from the Calamity being sky high, it has taken many months to get ourselves back on our feet."

"Given the current situation with these new adversaries it somehow feels connected. Rest assured, the Taskforce Times will uncover what is going on, stay tuned”.

The Taskforce Times is now back in business and set to explode back on the scene in 2021 with some major revelations about who is involved in the Calamity we have been struggling with since Summer 2019.

With an updated Wizarding Wide Website, SOS Taskforce members are advised to use their Magically Modified Mobile device to add the website to their favourites or home screen. Especially the Event Quick Reference for the latest information on current events.

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