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Pixies Cause Ministry Mayhem

 There is a modified Protean Charm on all the ID’s carries by Taskforce members, so the key to the problem has to be the master ID held in the SOS Taskforce Office at the Ministry in London.

  A source at the Ministry informed us that approximately 12 Pixies were let loose at the SOS Taskforce Office at around the same time as the issues with the ID’s occurred. The source is unknown.

  Our source who wishes to remain anonymous tells us that “There was complete chaos in the office, paper was flying everywhere and people were hiding under desk.  Constance Pickering was in way over her head and had to call for help.

  Hermione Granger, who happened to be on the same floor at the time, produced a wonderful Immobulus Charm and all the Pixies froze mid air.  We then scooped them up and popped them in a suitcase.”

  The extent of the damage is still being assessed but it is believed the Master Ministry ID did sustain some damage.

  The Ministry is giving out very little information as to how long these problems are set to continue.  This is especially worrisome as we are set to experience another wave of Lost Love Brilliant Encounters shortly.

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An unexplained spike in the appearances of the Death Eater, Escape from Azkaban Prison and Three Headed Dog has been confusing many Calamity Experts.

  Normally such spikes in activity can be predicted by the Department of Mysteries, however this recent event has happened without anyone noticing.

  The Ministry has yet to make a statement and Constance Pickering, Leader of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, has been unavailable for comment.

  Mark Zealman, an SOS Taskforce member from the UK says “Once again the Ministry has left us to cope on our own.  How this could have gone unnoticed is beyond me.  What are they doing in the Department of Mysteries?”

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Death Eaters, Azkaban Escapee and Three Headed Dogs on the Rise

Monday saw Mayhem at the Ministry.  Pixies let loose in the offices of the SOS Taskforce have been causing chaos for many Taskforce Members.

  SOS Taskforce Members started reporting problems with their Ministry ID on Monday afternoon.

  Firstly the Special Assignments  page locked out with a message that members had to reach level 4 to gain access even though many were past this level. This level is the authority level awarded to members for their work.  This issue still persists at the time of publication.

  Later in the day Taskforce members started reporting they were unable to open their ID’s entirely.  “I tried to tickle the spine and everything, the pages just wouldn’t open” said a Taskforce Member in the United States.

  Upon hearing of these issues we launched and investigation. The Ministry ID is what allows the taskforce members to see the Magical Traces left by The Calamity, they are essential in the fight to keep the Statute of Secrecy in tact.


Telling Time with Trelawney


I am back again from the beyond to warn you of great turmoil ahead.

  Starting on Tuesday at 7pm UTC the crystal ball has show me a Lost Love event linked to the late Severus Snape. 

  I see a Photograph of Lily Potter with Severus Snape, Vase of Lilies, Infusion of Wormwood, a Cauldron, Mirror of Erised and Severus Snape himself.

  The mirror and Severus will be found in the wild, Vase from Portkeys and Photograph from Fortress Challenges.  This has been revealed in the cards.

The ministry has heeded my warnings and issued a set of tasks and rewards to SOS Taskforce Members.

Set 1: Collect Potent Exstimulo Ingredients from the Map 2 times. Brew 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions. Return 3 Brilliant Mirror of Erised Foundables.

Set 2: Use Potent Exstimulo Potion 2 times. Pick up 3 Healing Potion Ingredients. Unlock 3 Portkey Portmanteaus.

Set 3: Brew 4 Healing Potions. Use Healing Potions 6 times in Wizarding Challenges. Return 7 Brilliant Severus Snape Foundables.

Set 4: Use Baruffio’s Brain Elixir 2 times. Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges. Use 5 Brilliant Runestones.

Bonus: Unlock 10 Portkey Portmanteaus. Return 30 Brilliant Foundables. Brew 12 Potions. Use 15 Potions.

Some Foundables placed will effect potions. Severus Snape will make Healing potions restore 50% stamina. Vase will boost Brain Elixir to 45 minutes. Photograph will make Potent Exstimulo last 6 spell casts.

  I must now ascend back to my domain. Good luck to you all.