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House Cup Calamity

The legendary Burrow has been under siege the past few weeks causing quite the stir.

  Popular travel guide “One Hundred Historical Sites from the Second Wizarding War” recently featured The Burrow in its magazine.  This particular copy reached number seventeen on the Daily Prophet’s best sellers list.

  The Burrow is the home of the Weasley Family, the site is famous for being the childhood home of Ron Weasley, who was part of the so-called Golden Trio which also includes Hermione Granger and of course Harry Potter.

  Hundreds of Wizarding Tourists surrounded the property posing for photos at The Burrow’s signpost.  Some tourists were not so innocent, a number were caught looking around  for artefacts of their own to keep or sell on.

  Molly Weasley had this to say on the subject. “Well. I could hardly believe my eyes when I woke up one morning to see hordes of people at my doorstep.  I shouted to Arthur, my husband, to find out what on earth was happening.

  It was my Daughter in-law Hermione who told us about the article, oh she is wonderful. She gave us tips on how to handle the whole thing.
  Arthur had to put protection charms on his shed because of all the, err, artefacts.”  

 When we questioned Molly on what these artefacts might be, she refused to elaborate and proceeded to say “...and if you go anywhere near that shed I’ll send a howler straight to your editor!”.  We decided not to press the matter further.

 What was most concerning about this event was the way The Calamity responded.  It appears that The Calamity can read the thought processes of Witches and Wizards.  With this many people thinking about The Burrow, numerous Foundables related to it began to appear.

 Among one of the more embarrassing Foundables was Arthur Weasley's flying car.  This magically modified Ford Anglia caused quite the controversy back when Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 


Upon missing the train to school, they used the magically modified vehicle to fly their way to school, all while being spotted by several muggles risking the exposure of our world in the process.  Enchanting such objects is of course illegal, but due to a loophole Mr Weasley avoided conviction.

​ In an attempt to scare away the unwanted visitors, Mr Weasley let loose a number of prank items from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. These Decoy Detonators failed to deter the tourists but did however entertain the crowd by scaring the family’s chickens and covering Mr Weasley in feathers.

 We managed to interview Ginny Weasley, Sports Editor for the Daily Prophet and wife to Harry Potter.
 When questioned about the Tourists and the Foundables she said. “It’s very strange to meet a Foundable of yourself, but I am more worried about what this means with The Calamity. I find it very disturbing that our thoughts are being watched or monitored in some way.  I know what it’s like to have you mind played and manipulated with.  I would be much happier if I could just pick up my wand and take on The Calamity directly but it seems to be hiding behind all these Foundables.  While we are busy dealing with crowd control and the mess left by The Calamity we are not getting any closer to working out what it is or who is behind it”.

  As the crowds eventually dwindled they left behind a plaque inscribed with “In honour of the Weasley family's contributions and sacrifices”.  The family suffered greatly during the course of the second wizarding war including the loss of their son Fred Weasley.

  There is still the question of how The Calamity is reading the minds of the population. Does it have a soul? Or is it just reacting to events?

Knight Bus Goes Global

As most of the worlds Witches and Wizards are forced to stay home, the Knight Bus has been upgraded to allow international travel.

  Previously the bus was unable to travel underwater but thanks to the ingenuity of Ministry Volunteers, the Knight Bus now has water skis and a propeller.

  Arthur Weasley, who headed the project, has this to say.  “I do love to tinker with muggle devices and to be able to work on this wonderful muggle contraption was a dream come true.”

  This is not Arthur Weasley's first project of this kind. We all know about the Ford Anglia, but did you know there was another magically modified mode of transport? 

Arthur tells us about a certain motorbike.  “Sirius Black had this flying motorbike, which we used to move Harry Potter during the Second Wizarding War. There were a number of modifications I made including a Dragon Fire button and Brick Wall deployer.”

  The Knight Bus is currently free to all task force members and will take you to Hogwarts Castle where you can continue the fight against the foes of The Calamity.  All you need to do is stick out your wand arm and present your Ministry ID.

  Also if anyone knows the exact function of a rubber duck, please send your answer via post owl to The Burrow.

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