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January Horntail Event

Well this one was a bit of a bumpy ride. Seems the wit-sharpening potion was much easier to find, yes you only needed two but the event was also only 48 hours. I picked one up from three greenhouse rolls and the other from a Dark V chamber on the Knight Bus.

The event had a somewhat bumpy start. Firstly it was a third shorter than advertised and secondly there was a whole host of Knight Bus issues. Adversary encounters in area's with less than great signal are still liable to end with you suddenly back on the map though.

Edible Dark Marks were pretty naff, firstly they were only lasting fifteen minutes and then when you did use one when it was fixed I never got a Horntail from the only one I tried.

The tasks seemed easy enough to complete if you could get outside to walk around. If you were stuck at home self isolating or your local area has low spawns then I imagine it would be somewhat harder to complete. I would be interested to see how it went for you.

All in all I got through it with only an hour total of play. Half inside and half outside during my permitted exercise.

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