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21st @ 6pm - 28th @ 6pm UTC

Unforgivable Truth Brilliant Event Part 2

Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Hogwarts Trapdoor Chamber, including Philosopher’s Stone and Three-Headed Dog.



Brilliant Foundables

Brilliant Philosopher’s Stone - Wild Encounter
Brilliant Three-Headed Dog - Wild Encounter
Brilliant Underground Chambers Trapdoor - Brilliant Portkey Portmanteau
Brilliant Wizard Chess Knight - Wizarding Challenges
Brilliant Broken-Winged Key - Brilliant Event Quest Reward    


Boosted Foundables

The following has been boosted on the map and via Trace Tonics.

  • Self-Playing Harp


Tasks Continued


  • Return 7 Self-Playing Harp Foundables
    2 Strong Exstimulo Potions
    Boosted on the map and via Trace Tonic so you should be good.

  • Return 45 Brilliant Unforgivable Truth Foundables
    1 Silver Key
    Fire away!


  • Earn 12,500 Wizarding XP
    1 Spell Book
    Brain Elixir, Trace Tonic and use Trace Charm on icons with a red shard of light. You can also use 3 Dark Detectors on an inn to get rarer spawns.
    Also save any images that need placing in your main registry.  This is the main way I complete it.


  • Defeat 15 Formidable Foes in Wizarding Challenges
    10 Spell Energy
    High Ruines and low Tower Chambers work well for this.


  • Win Highest Unlocked Chamber 1 Time
    1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
    You can't just let the clock run out on this one.  Join us on the Knight Bus during XpectoGo's Wizarding Wednesday Live Stream


  • 2000 Wizarding XP

  • 100 Brilliant Family XP

  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

  • 1 Brilliant Achievement Badge

  • 20 Spell Energy

  • 5 Brilliant Underground Chambers Trapdoor  Registry Images

Set 1

  • Collect 3 Ingredients or Portmanteaus on the Map
    2 Re’em Blood
    The usual easy start.

  • Brew 3 Potions
    2 Abraxan Hair
    Can be done in advance and collected here.


  • Return 12 Brilliant Three-Headed Dog Foundables
    1 Wit-Sharpening Potion
    Should be easy enough. Just be careful not to hit 20/20 on any of the Brilliant Foundables otherwise you'll be taken into the Registry and cash in on Runestones too early.



  • 550 Wizarding XP

  • 2 Restricted Section Books

  • 50 Brilliant Family XP

  • 10 Spell Energy

Set 2​

  • Return 3 Self-Playing Harp Foundables
    1 Unicorn Hair
    Boosted on the map and via Trace Tonic so you should be good.

  • Use Master Notes 5 Times    
    6 Bitterroot
    Bit of a slow down.  You could have a potion most of the way brewed and complete it by performing master notes at this point to complete it immediately. You can also do this in a gold cauldron which will get you 4 out of 5. You can always rush a brew for gold too. Basic Exstimulos or Healing Potions are the quickest.

  • Collect 6 Brilliant Unforgivable Truth Runestones    
    6 Snowdrop
    Time to visit the registry and cash in on the Runestones.



  • 750 Wizarding XP

  • 75 Brilliant Family XP

  • 3 Restricted Section Books

  • 10 Spell Energy

Set 3

  • Return 12 Brilliant Philosopher’s Stone Foundables
    1 Silver Key
    Farm away!  You already have the Runestones. just don't place the images.


  • Cast 15 Great Spells (or Masterful)
    6 Snowdrop
    Fire away! Ebublio, Metelojinx Recanto are pretty easy.


  • Defeat 15 Foes in Wizarding Challenges
    2 Strong Exstimulo Potions
    I usually grind Ruines V. Use a Runestone from a Family you need as you'll get 3 or 4 Main Registry fragments..


  • 1250 Wizarding XP

  • 75 Brilliant Family XP

  • 5 Restricted Section Books

  • 10 Spell Energy

Set 4

  • Place 5 Brilliant Unforgivable Truth Registry Images
    1 Spell Book
    Snuck back in to Set 4 from the Bonus. You wont have the Broken-Winged Flying Key yet so probably work placing the Underground Chambers Trapdoor again via Fortress Challenges.

  • Earn 7500 Wizarding XP from Challenges
    1 Spell Book
    Runestone level doesn't matter but Brain Elixir is great. For an easier time use low level Runestones in higher chambers.


  • Collect 15 Mysterious Note Pieces by Returning Brilliant Unforgivable Truth Traces
    1 Spell Book
    Fire Away. Collect the wild Foundables again, the fragment are rewarded most of the time.


  • 5 Restricted Section Books

  • 50 Gold

  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

  • 30 Spell Energy

  • 1 Brilliant Chocolate Frog Registry Image